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"It only took Charles 4 hours to turn my disorganized mess of a garage into a very functional space that had a system for my kids, our household stuff, AND an office and tool storage for my remodeling business. He did such a great job, I recommend him to clients all the time now!" - Casey

"Charles is by far one of the most charismatic, easy to work with professionals I have ever had the opportunity of meeting. Not only is he a great organizer, but he also has the ability to work within (in my opinion) any family chemistry and break down walls that might be standing in the way of a happy environment (a clean home or office). He's time and expertise is worth every penny. OH and I've never seen someone put together furniture faster." - George

"Charles is a competent business man and really knows how to get the job done. A true pleasure to work with!!" - Bradley

"Charles Williams has taught me a lot about organizing and myself in the few times we have worked together. I have a totally new mindset every Saturday morning. What can I accomplish today instead of looking at the whole house and finding it an obstacle. Thanks Charles. - Margaret 

"I just moved to Richmond and needed help. I was having a very tough time with unpacking and organizing my house. Charles helped me a lot. He is very professional, highly skilled and friendly. He worked independently, was fast and always on time. He is flexible and he works hard. On the same time he is very creative and has a great sense for beauty. My house look great now, and I feel so release and happy. I will recommend Charles for any job , large or small. Thank you Charles." - Teresa

"My son proclaimed Charles as the best person I've ever hired. Hooray for an organized functional kitchen, playroom and garage!" - M.

"Charles does an incredible job! He not only helped me organize and pack for my move, but also helped me to get rid of many unnecessary items I have been holding onto for way too many years. He is one of the most upbeat persons I have ever seen. He has done more for my mood than any counselor has ever done. Now that he is working with me, I cannot imagine doing this move without him. My 15-year-old daughter, who is always after me to get rid of the clutter, came home and saw my closet after Charles had finished with it and said "There is a God!!!" I personally cannot imagine my life without him now." - S.M.

"Organization is what he lives by. Extremely knowledgeable, informative and creative. A true "Problem Solver", kinda guy!" - R.E.

"Since my house has been 'Charlesed' I felt like I was on vacation in my bathroom.  Just what I need none of the gobvligook in the way.  Seriously, it was like getting ready in a hotel.  You are awesome." - L.M.

"We had just moved into our home and our garage had no shelving or storage of any kind. Charles came in and quickly and professionally cleaned and organized everything perfectly complete with labels! Nothing but the best and I have nothing but great things to say." - Tamara

"If you are drowning in clutter, give him a call, or if you want help organizing an estate for auction, give him a call. If you are becoming a hoarder because of all the mail you want to look at ""later" which never comes, give him a call. The peace of mind is worth every penny. Perhaps your family will give you gift certificate my daughter did for me, this Christmas, eliminating stress and setting my mind free!!" - E.

"I was still pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and skill that he brought to the table. He is responsive with communication and timely with execution of projects. I highly recommend Charles for your next project." - Stephen

"Charles did a great job organizing my mom's small apartment. My mom has mobility issues, and had trouble establishing organizational spaces. Charles was able to transform her limited space, and make things easy for her to maintain and access, and my mother couldn't be happier." - S.S.

"Charles made a few easy suggestions to improve the efficiency in my kitchen. Then created the inspiration to totally revamp my pantry. I can not express the joy that I feel opening my pantry door and seeing everything I need, in sight and at hand! (And he also helped me remove all of those expired canned goods from my stockpile!) Thank you Charles for being fun to work beside on these projects!!!" - Becky

"My experience with Charles has been wonderful. He is responsive, prompt, professional and has amazing attention to detail. He displays a care and concern for the personalization of each customer's experience like I have never seen before, which is important when you're helping people to part with things they may be resistant to let go. I have referred him to five other friends and family members and all have been wowed by their experience with him too!" -Meghan

"Charles' work is responsive, intelligent, and thorough. I am a client who first employed Charles for a move from a 2000 square foot house to a 500 square foot apartment. That included downsizing, - to put it mildly. His expertise in sorting, delivering goods, packaging for storage is unparalleled. There is also the very important value added of honest and reliable support for what is needed - and always with a positive professional attitude and pride in work." - B

"Could not be more pleased with your professionalism and attention to detail." - J.G.

"Charles gets the job done. Came in, assessed the situation, and provided a solution. I would recommend highly." - Anthony

"I am amazed at how amazing you are! You have such a creative and beautiful mind! This place looks fabulous, and your not even done yet! I am feeling really blessed... I love to be in an organized area that is so clean! Makes me feel empowered! Thanks Charles Williams!" - K.

"Charlie was thorough and did everything I asked in a timely manner. He reorganized my kitchen, closets and a back room in my house. Charlie took about 4 hours and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I saw the finished product. Charlie also offered additional ideas to stay organized and pushed me in the right direction. 
Charlie can also do garages, your business, office, church storage room or offices, etc. 
Compass Home Solutions, LLC is the total package and I would recommend Charlie and his staff to anyone!!!" - Byron

"Charles is a great organizer! I've worked with him on several organizing jobs - he's honest, upbeat and best of all - has that "can do" attitude. Strongly recommend him!" - Janet

"Charles has done a lot of projects for me. He is efficient, and purpose driven. I have had him help me in many ways. Would recommend him for all your improvement needs." - L.

"I have known Charles Williams for a number of years and was excited to work with him on a closet upgrade. As expected, he did a magnificent job and I CANNOT wait to use him again!!! If you employ Compass Home Solutions, you will not be disappointed." - Latesha